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Honoring Barber-Scotia College

A Legacy of Excellence

Celebrate our Alma Mater's rich history and bright future with jewelry that gives back.

A Partnership with a Purpose

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At the heart of BJC Jewelry lies a deep-rooted connection to Barber-Scotia College, a bond forged not just by shared values, but by personal history. Our founder, a proud alum of Barber-Scotia, envisioned a unique way to contribute to the college's illustrious legacy. With a passion for both jewelry and her alma mater, the idea of a specially designed jewelry line was born. This collection isn't just about exquisite craftsmanship; it's a testament to our commitment to give back. 50% of the profits from each purchase from the Barber-Scotia Jewelry Collection directly supports the Barber-Scotia Rising initiative, fueling the college's mission to educate and inspire future generations.

Our collaboration goes beyond mere financial support. It's a celebration of Barber-Scotia's proud past and a beacon of hope for its future. By choosing a piece from this collection, you're not just acquiring a beautiful accessory; you're becoming a part of a movement, championing education and ensuring that the legacy of Barber-Scotia College continues to shine brightly for years to come.

For Head, Hand, and Heart

Barber-Scotia College's Timeless Mission

Discover our curated collection that resonates with Barber-Scotia's cherished motto. Earrings adorned with the majestic saber head, symbolizing the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom ('Head'). Elegant bracelets, crafted with pearls and blue accents, representing the skill and dedication ('Hand'). And a necklace, also featuring the iconic saber, encapsulating the passion and love that binds the Barber-Scotia community ('Heart'). Each piece is not just an emblem of fine craftsmanship but also a tribute to the college's enduring values.

Buy from this collection and help Barber-Scotia College. We give 50% of our profits from this collection to the Barber-Scotia Rising initiative.

Each unique piece is crafted with care, embodying our college's legacy.

Making a Difference, One Piece at a Time

Every piece of jewelry you purchase from the Barber-Scotia Collection directly contributes to the college's growth and development. We proudly donate 50% of the profits from each sale from this exclusive collection to the Barber Scotia Rising initiative. This significant contribution goes towards rebuilding Barber-Scotia College for future generations.

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Supporting Barber-Scotia College is Simple

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Choose Your Piece

Browse our exclusive Barber-Scotia collection and select a jewelry piece that resonates with you.

Make A Purchase

Complete your purchase on our secure platform. Remember, 50% of the profits from your purchase directly support the Barber-Scotia Rising initiative.

Wear with Pride

Adorn yourself with your chosen jewelry, knowing you've contributed to a historic institution's bright future. Share your support on social media with #BJCJewelry4all and inspire others to join the cause.

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Honoring a Legacy of Excellence

Barber-Scotia College, a beacon of educational heritage for over 156 years, is embarking on a transformative journey with the Barber-Scotia Rising initiative. Spearheaded by the college's dynamic president, Chris Rey, this initiative aims to rejuvenate and fortify the college's legacy by raising $1 million by year's end.

These funds will help to ensure smooth operational continuity. With a vision to re-establish Barber-Scotia as an accredited institution producing global leaders, the initiative is a testament to the college's unwavering commitment to excellence and its enduring bond with the community. By supporting this initiative, whether through purchasing jewelry and other merch, cash donations, or volunteering your time; you're investing in a brighter future for a historic institution.

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